Stone Crafters, Inc. – Specialists in the Design and Installation of Stone

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Stone Crafters, from the beginning, has understood that when an improvement is made to a home or business, it must add value to the property. The masonry work that Gregg performs meets that standard. Whether it is a decorative walkway leading to the front door of your business, or a beautiful patio added to your home, you can guarantee that the work will be professional and add value.

Using only the finest suppliers, with the largest varieties of stone styles, Stone Crafters can provide its clients with the perfect product for their project. Having unlimited access to supplies also allows Stone Crafters to be more creative than others in the industry. If the client desires a specific color scheme, rock type, or even a mixture of styles in their design, Stone Crafters has the ability to fulfill that demand.

It is not unusual in this industry for stone masons to specialize in a single type of work. Stone Crafters, however, is capable of completing any type of specialty masonry work, from practical to decorative. Their group of extensively trained masons, designers, and office personnel allows them to completely serve their clients with the highest expertise.

Gregg and his crew also prides itself on maintaining the small-town charm that made it so successful when the company first started. They understand that it is the client that makes the business, not just the professionals that perform the work. This company will go to great lengths to work with their clients to provide complete satisfaction.

Clients will always remain “in the loop” during a project. From the design stage to the final clean-up of the work area, clients will know what is taking place, how the project is progressing, and what the final time line is for completion. Stone Crafters believes that client satisfaction is their top priority, and thousands of satisfied customers will agree.

Stone Crafters is also pleased to say that since their beginning in 2000, they have steadily grown into a multi-state business. Their high professional standards have allowed them to expand into Central Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina, and Tennessee from their North Georgia origins.

If you have any questions about masonry work that you need answered, feel free to contact Stone Crafters. One of the friendly customer service staff will be happy to answer your questions or arrange for an appointment with a company representative. You will be pleased with the results!

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